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UFO Reports

Contactee Receives Advanced Knowledge

Source: Filer's Files #42; October 17, 2001
Majorstar@AOL.COM; http://www.filersfiles.com

ROCKVILLE -- Mr. Brown writes, "I was 10 years old in 1966, when a very large UFO arrived and stayed over our house for a long time.  It took many years for me to remember this event.  My first recall was outside watching it go away.  Then after talking with family members, because of recurring dreams about seeing technology and UFOs, I began going through a period of time where I was flooded with recall, dreams, waken notions, visions, understandings, and even remote viewing, that ultimately culminated in an accumulated pile of information on how their propulsion works.  I have heard reports a certain percentage of close encounters report having been shown technology.  My knowledge of antigravity propulsion design is good solid evidence of human contact with alien visitors.  I was a drop out in the late 60's with no credits, had no interest in school; but after the recall of these visions and notions, I began research into science, physics and technology. I found a continual confirmation to the design as it came to me.  There also are other UFO encounters I have recalled immediately after being reminded about them by an old friend who was with me at the time.  I also have experienced several more while my wife or our sons are with us.  The recall began around 1994, and the sightings have continued until this year, where we now live in Texas.  Thanks to Mr. Brown ufolight@yahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/uf