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UFO Reports

Diamond-shaped Craft Over Missouri

Source: Filer's Files #42; October 17, 2001
Majorstar@AOL.COM; http://www.filersfiles.com

ASHGROVE -- At 8:03 PM on October 4, 2001, three witnesses watched a saucer shaped object flying above them.  They report it had white stationary lights on the bottom and each side with a blinking bright white light on the top.  The light on the left side was dimmer then the rest and sometimes went out.  Then came back on again.  Not flashing just turned off, and then back on in a few minutes, it did this 4 times.  It sat in a stationary position for about 7 minutes then slowly "floated" to the south.  It bobbed up and down slightly and moved from side to side slightly, there was no sound except for the planes that passed close to it landing at the Springfield airport.  This object appeared to be about 9 miles east of us over Springfield's Branson Airport.  A 727 landed while this object was still overhead.  The object was five times wider, and much taller then the 727.  In addition, this was not any kind of blimp.  This object stayed in sight for 14 minutes and then disappeared.  No movement, no nothing, just gone.  Thanks to Peter Davenport who indicates this case is under investigation by Missouri Investigators Group.