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UFO Reports

Daylight Tranparent Disk in England

Source: Filer's Files #42; October 17, 2001
Majorstar@AOL.COM; http://www.filersfiles.com

LONDON -- The witness reports, On October 4, 2001, I was on the 9:30 AM Flight leaving Heathrow Airport.  The plane was in a steady climb and when we reached about 10 to 15 thousand feet above the puffy sparse clouds I was looking out the forward window.  Looking as close to straight down as I could, I saw some sort of movement between the ground and the puffy clouds right below us.  I could see that the ground was being distorted as this object passed above it.  It caused a wavy appearance to the ground.  Looking closer I could see a definite line where the distortion ended, it looked like a huge contact lens, or a clear plastic disk flying beneath us.  I watched the disc pass under three or four clouds and always continue on the other side.  I could only track it so far because of the small windows on a 777.  I then leaned back and could still see it in the window that was in line with my shoulder.  It was traveling in the opposite direction as the airplane, and going maybe three times faster than the clouds passing below us.  I watched it until I could see it no more due to the small windows.  Right after it was gone I noticed directly below us a nuclear power plant.  This object was traveling away from the power plant.  I believe this was not a reflection as it was observed from two different windows.  It took me a few seconds to realize that what I had seen was really there.  Thanks to NUFORC