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UFO Reports

South Florida Sighting

Source: Jarra2@cs.com

We wish to report a sighting that occurred last Tuesday (10-23) night at approximately 1:15am. in East Pompano Beach.  At that time my daughter, who is 23 years old, was  returning from work. I had just turned out all the lights in my household,  and was sitting on my porch talking to my daughter, when I noticed a lightning flash toward the eastside close to the ocean.

In looked in the direction of the lightning, and I saw an unknown object moving north to south along the approximately 1/2 mile west of the coastline. At first it had the appearence of a moving "mist". With a closer observastion it did then take on a physical form.  It was about three blocks from my point of view.The object was v-shaped, boomeranged, with a large number of small bright lights on the bottom, which resembled starlight. These lights were bright and clear.

This object did not move in a steady motion as an airplane, but it moved in a motion like as if being propelled by waves.  It moved in a steady up and down motion. After a three minutes of observing this object, the lights on the bottom of the object became very bright, in a burst of energy, and then the object moved out of view.

Approximately, seven minutes after this sighting , an airforce jet flew overhead and in the general direction as the object had been moving.