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UFO Report's
Crescent-Shaped Object Seen During Leonids

Source: Craig Johnson <ledmuseum@worldnet.att.net>

Date: November 18 2001
Time: 2:22am
Location: Home (1st and Pine, Seattle WA, directly above the Pike Place Market)
Conditions: Clear, temp approx. 2C.
Camera & Film: None
UFO sound? Low rumbling with jet-like overtones.
UFO lights? None.
Duration: 20 seconds

 While watching the Leonid meteor storm from my northwest-facing window, my eye caught a slow-moving object flying in a northeast to southwest direction. At first I thought it might have been birds - until I focused more closely on it, ignoring the bright meteors streaking by in the opposite direction. It appeared to be a large, crescent-shaped object, flying with the curve of the crescent facing forwards and the tips
behind. As it flew a bit closer, I started to hear a very low rumbling sound with an odd, fainter "jet engine" noise overlaid upon it.

The object itself appeared to be a medium to dark grey in color, and was illuminated solely by the sodium vapor streetlights from the downtown Seattle streets below It had a pebbly kind of texture, as if it were
made up of hundreds of small circles or spheres, like BBs from a BB gun.

Once the object was almost overhead, it seemed to turn slowly out to the west, and disappeared over the water as it flew farther away from its source of illumination. The noise it made also faded away as it flew off.

There were no light emitters of any kind visible, and no exhaust flames or glow visible. The engine noise was a very low rumbling, such as what one might hear in an earthquake; accompanied by a much fainter "jet turbine" sound, like a standard passenger jet sitting on the tarmac with the engines set to idle. Or like a very nasty vacuum cleaner motor; though much, much fainter.

Date: November 18 2001
Time: 2:30am
Location: Home (1st and Pine, Seattle WA, directly above the Pike Place
Conditions: Clear, temp approx. 2C.
Camera & Film: None
UFO sound? None
UFO lights? None.
Duration: 90 seconds

About ten minutes after seeing the flying crescent, I saw two more unusual objects, and interacted with one of them. The first one was a small yellow-amber circle or disk, about the size of a small dress shirt button held at arm's length. It flew slowly in an east to west
direction. Since it had no apparent lights of its own and seemed to be illuminated only by the sodium vapor streetlights of the city below, I ruled out a regular aircraft, and shot at it with a 11.6 milliwatt green
laser. I just wanted to see if it was a plastic bag or a balloon caught up in the breeze. Although I could see the beam of the laser in the night sky (this is very typical to see with low powered green lasers), I
did not see any of the green light reflect off the object back to me, and it continued to fly west until I could no longer see it.

About a minute later, another, smaller amber colored circle showed up. This one was about half the size of the first, and flew with the same speed, direction, and flight path as the first. It also had no apparent lights of its own. So I shot at it too, and this time I saw my green laser beam reflected back at me. After hitting it several times, it suddenly slowed way down and made an abrupt turn towards the north, and
started moving off again. I quickly got rid of the laser by kicking it under the bed, and kept watching the object. About ten seconds after it made its northward turn, it came to a full stop and just hung there like a star. I watched it closely for any movement, and there was none. About 15-20 seconds after it stopped, it simply winked out, as if someone kicked a lamp plug out of the wall.

Both objects had a smooth, steady flight motion without any signs of wobbling, rocking, oscillating, or rotating; and neither one had any visible moving external parts like rotors or wings.

These objects and the flying crescent were reported to the National UFO Reporting Center after the meteor storm started to die off around 5:00am. No other objects (besides meteors, the ISS, and a satellite)
were seen during the 90+ minutes I watched the skies *after* these sightings.