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The Orbit Sleuth

Hunkering Around the Woodstove: Heresy on a Cold March Morning

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CyberSpace ORBIT
Kent Steadman, Editor

Phikent: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/hst_hourglass_big.gif

FRIEND: looking

FRIEND: what the heck? What is that?????

FRIEND: looks like an eyeball

Phikent: well, ye look out in space through your big ol' Hubble eye and whatya see?

Phikent: hope it doesn't blink

FRIEND: man it that the Eye of Horus?

FRIEND: the cosmic rendition?

Phikent: it's a freakin' nebula

FRIEND: wild

Phikent: aw heck, must be.....God

Phikent: Hi, God! [wave]

FRIEND: My thoughts too :)

FRIEND: must be! I am stealing it...hehehe

Phikent: no kiddin'

Phikent: steal god

FRIEND: yep.

FRIEND: taking image...now on my hard drive

FRIEND: named it Nasa-gods-eye

FRIEND: needs to go up on your site Kento

FRIEND: that is wild

Phikent: puttin' it up now

FRIEND: yep:)

Phikent: front n' center

Phikent: kento theory # x0001A

FRIEND: cool I am keeping a link to Orbit on our front page

FRIEND: what that theory?

Phikent: wellllllll, everywhere we looks, Mars, moon, comets, sun we keep seeing NASA edits. I mean they ain't even subtle anymore then-thar NASA suckers just cut n' paste stuff out.

FRIEND: yeah.

Phikent: so what is it they don't want us to see

FRIEND: yep...hubble for there eyes only...

Phikent: aliens? Nawwww, no big deal

Phikent: but what about something that totally destroys astrophysics theory forever making the scientists look like dopes?

Phikent: see, ever since Newton and Cartesian, our more stodgy scientists have adopted this machine-universe theory

Phikent: the universe is like a big ol' gizmo

Phikent: and like any gizmo it can be explained

Phikent: usually by trying to take everythang apart

Phikent: buncha lil boys

Phikent: but....

Phikent: what if they are wrong, so danged wrong that even the most primitive aboriginal tribe is more right than the nerds at JPL?

Phikent: it ain't a big ol' machine at all it can't be explained neither

FRIEND: yep..I trust Aboriginals and Dogon over JPL any day!

Phikent: because their ain't no fundamental laws

FRIEND: exactly!

Phikent: except maybe creativity and whim and the need to seek novelty and have fun because.....

Phikent: IT'S ALIVE!

FRIEND: yep!

Phikent: duh

FRIEND: we could all be sitting on a molecule on the rim of a coffee cup.

Phikent: everywhere I look, especially solar, what do I see living organisms!

FRIEND: you know the image kinda looks like a double birth canal with an eye in the center.

Phikent: so here are a bunch of atheistic cosmonauts in mid-Seventies floatin' around in their Soyuz toy in space and whatta they see one day


Phikent: musta really freaked em out to see big ol' angels with wings, the size of a Boeing 747


Phikent: cracks me up.


FRIEND: or larger...

Phikent: went wee wee in their space suits

FRIEND: lol...bet they did

FRIEND: amazing the universe





NASA declares location for Mars Global Surveyor "face" at: 40.8 degrees North, 9.6 degrees West Lucas finds the data-geological-formation at 30 degrees North, 105 degrees West

Subj: SOHO/LASCO Watch Date: 3/8/00 6:54:44 AM Pacific Standard Time Hi Kent: You may want to keep a watchful eye on the C2. The SOHO Team is adulterating some of the images.

Check out the differences between the 3-8-00-C2 0330ut images, after filtering, in both the 512x512 & 1024x1024 image files.

The original "Real Time" feed (Attached) says it all. Enhancements to follow, later.
Colonel Ervin

EDITOR: Usual NASA Shenanigans, well, sigh, tis St. Paddy's Subj: 14:49UT C3 Anomaly-Pic (Follow-Up) Date: 3/16/00 8:42:15 AM Pacific Standard Time Kent: It appears that the SOHO/LASCO Team has cut the 14:49UT C3 image from their postings. The images I forwarded to you are probably the only ones that we'll ever see. Damn Shame, isn't it!! I guess we've hit the S/L's Team's Stargate image posting threshold.

Colonel Ervin