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The Orbit Sleuth

The Sun Spear

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The Sun Spear
ORBIT Sleuth
Kent Steadman

Sorry folks, I missed a week. Why? At times I get seriously overloaded, hard to deal with what I am seeing and hearing. Much happened, building to the following scenario:

1. 4/3/00 STARGATE


Oh my gosh, I can't believe my eyes. Looking through the eyes of the SOHO spacecraft I just saw something spear the sun, right through it from north to south pole, or vice versa, stem to stern, slick as a whistle! Now what do I do with this? What happened? Whom do I ask?

Perhaps Trebor:
**As for ships actually going THRU the SUN...They would HAVE to be "DRONES" as No humanoid could ever stand the heat! If they ARE "probing" the interior, it's because they are still using Cosmic triggers to convert the SUN as thoroughly as possible. That would also explain one of the recent "SPURTS" of Flame that looked almost exactly like the two originals. Remember, we're working with a Homogenous MASS of "SPENT" Helium that MUST be converted in order to support the Nuclear chemistry" needed to keep the SUN active and near normal for the next 1045 years when ALL the Helium conversion will have been expended. The NOVA, at least will be delayed till then and TIME bought for reallocations to begin. (Again, "protocols" for same will begin on May 28th.)**

Whew, okay, good, that explains it, any other voices? Aye, wouldn't you know, email from angels! Ain't the Internet wonderful?

2. 4/5/00 Camael


**What NASA doesn't want you to see is that I have been trying to signal you all with the sunspots by making them pulse in numerical patterns which could only be explained in terms of some sort of higher intelligence. They also do not want you to see our ships.** Angel Camael

Egads, and appearing immediately, Starships:

3. 4/5/00 Starships near the sun, really, REALLY good ones!




Camael goes on:
**We are called the Elohim. We are beings of higher light. We have raised and destroyed many civilizations on this and other planets. 10,000 years ago we had a war and used nuclear weapons. We marched underground for six months and came to America. The story about the Supapu is true.** www.weslow.net/imagery/wilcox/rockdoor.html

**At this time because of the fallout human genetics changed and men lost the ability to move interdimensionally. What the newagers say about human genetics changing is happening. You all are turning back into angels and developing your lost powers. The plasma from the Sun is changing your genetics.**

The Angel warns:

**We explored in our ship and found a lot of planets were evil so we subdued them. This planet was a garden, my garden . . . We all were thrown down here as punishment because we socialized with the angels of darkness when they came to our ship . . . If any of you think of coming near me now I will cut up the Sun!** CAMAEL

4. 4/6/00 The earth gets seriously blasted, more warnings?:
Magnetometer goes off scale

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Aurora seen worldwide:
Kent Steadman