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The Orbit Sleuth

The Tomb of the Lord of Sipan

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Kent Steadman


After two weeks inundated with emails from angels:


I finally relaxed for an ORBIT breather, when WHAMMO, here comes a tantalizing bombshell post from Chili:

Subj: message to orbit

Date: 4/13/00 6:09:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

"Hi Kent, I am who wrote you about the events occurring in Cuzco (Machupijchu)."

"I had only heard what a Columbine Magi told to my mother a few weeks ago. Anyway, I consider this information genuine and frightening."

"Last year I email you about the labyrinths down the sacred valley, at Ollantaytambo."

"Professional people are working on ground. seems that they have the evidence for a Lost World! (Actually, they are searching for a city of GOLD labyrinths, tunnels, dangerous mazes, ramps)."

"Go to www.bohic-ruz.com Cuzco is Portal to Agartha: The inner world that correspond to earth's morphogenetic field's."

"Just like there are probably thousand of trillions of others worlds in ours harmonic's universes neighborhood's--as our inner earth."

"SO, some powerful aliens do not permit our activation or consciousness awakening."

"We will be eaten if we don't realize the reality."

"We can escape catching the present morphogenetic wave."

"The information concerning ascension mechanics and dynamics is extremely important now! And thanks for keeping your website, it's really amazing!"

"( I am Chilean )

sincerely, Julian."

Subj: Coincidence?
Date: 3/30/00 1:14:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

"Just one week ago I heard that last February people in machupijchu were fighting a multidimensional war. It seems that bad aliens were sucking soul's from D-4. Some successful work in stopping aliens seems already done, I hope that you will catch events of this magnitude. Probably more than a half of million soul's are lost.../"

Off again I rolled into another sleuth, first in track of the legendary Inca stronghold, Paititi:

"Fanatics had, in fact, been seeking Paititi for quite a while in the jungles north and east of the ancient Inca capital of Cusco. Legend had it that the lost city lay beyond the mountains in the nearly impenetrable selva alta. It was thought to be the last refuge of the Incas, a remote place safe from the Spanish conquistadors, where they brought their sacred artifacts and treasures and sought to preserve their culture, despite the rigors of the inhospitable area."


"No one has got rich by finding a lost city but there's a dream hidden there in the mind of all of us. Clearly, the important thing about lost cities is that they're lost. Once they're found, the archaeologists take over, and the tour guides won't be far behind."


"A la recherche de Paîtiti, Cité Perdue des Incas."


Paititi, awesome sat recon photos:






In the process of the search for Paititi, another site another awesome ancient city kept popping up in the search engines: El Fuerte de Samaipata Bolivia "The archaeological site of Samaipata consists of two elements: the hill with its many carvings, believed to have been the ceremonial center of the ancient town (14th to 16th centuries), and the area to the south of the hill, which formed the administrative and residential quarter. The enormous sculptured rock, dominating the town below, is a unique testimony to prehispanic traditions and beliefs, without parallel anywhere in the Americas."

This place gives me the willies, my inner artist-UFO voice keeps whispering, STARGATE www.voelk.uni-bonn.de/Samaipata/defaultengl.htm Others speculate on the potential significance of Samaipata in the quest for Atlantis:

( From: Timaeus 20D-25E and Critias 108C-121C) "And at the very beginning they built the palace in the habitation of the god and of their ancestors, which they continued to ornament in successive generations, every king surpassing the one who went before him to the utmost of his power, until they made the building a marvel to behold for size and for beauty."





Clay model of the ancient site:


Which inspired an in interpretive art illustration by myself:


Then due to search engine equations the investigation doglegged toward another inquiry into Sipan, an ancient city with enormous pyramids and the recent staggering find of the Tomb of the Lord of Sipping sipan.perucultural.org.pe/

This Inca archaeological dig, some say the equivalent to the Tut tomb, is best illustrated with a series of soul-shaking videos at: www.cyberspaceorbit.com/cavort/peru_ruins.html

Last but not least Thor Heyerdahl equates the Inca cities, AND EGYPT FOR THAT MATTER, with the Pyramids of Guimar, Canary Islands, Spain




Reference: Morphogenetic grid: www.eagle-net.org/phikent/pi.html

Are we seeing (yes we are) evidences of a global high civilization in ancient times?



Kent Steadman