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Fatima and Fire

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Kent Steadman, Reporter


5/13/00 4:26:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

At 13:15 CET, Pope John Paul II at Fatima, Portugal, announced that he gave the order to release the third part of Fatima Prophecy.

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Will the Pope Retire?



Dr. J. S. Chiappalone ANNWN 2000: Listen to Real Audio San Francisco presentation

Dialogue in Bellaria: Sitchin and Vatican Theologian Discuss UFO's, Extraterrestrials, Angels, Creation of Man


5/13/00 7:31:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi guys, Just off the news. Supposedly a high ranking cardinal within the Church just gave away the Third Secret of the Marian Apparition in Fatima, 1917. It was about a Bishop in white being shot (Pope shot down in 1981, also May 13th) Below the excerpt from Dutch Teletext (sorry, in Dutch, do your best)

Interpretation 2 Older texts and interpretation 2


Date: 5/13/00 9:29:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, From what I COULD translate in the Portuguese papers, it wasn't martyrs that he fell amongst, it was the "fallen/unbelievers/traitors" of the high clergy. Quite a difference, eh? Couldn't get enough translated to make it all out though. If it is something already known and past, why would they have to "prepare the public"? This may get interesting!

The Pope's top aide, addressing a huge crowd in Portugal on the 19th anniversary of the shooting in Rome, also said the Vatican would publish the entire text of the secret after ''appropriate'' preparation for the faithful.

Date: 5/13/00 11:18:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

At Bottom of the page..english translation of the Order to release the 3rd Secret:

"WHAT IS APPROACHING US" Father Malachi Martin

Date: 5/15/00 11:38:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

 It's really weird, Kent...back when I first found this (it was a post on Ed Dames' bulletin board)...well, for some ODD reason I copied it and saved it in my email folder along with the cablecar accident article - they've been sitting there since what...July of last year, something like that. Now, with all this Fatima stuff going on...I thought maybe it was time to remember these two articles, although the AP Vatican article, we could never find it anywhere to verify it, remember? Strange stuff going on, that's for sure!!



 Los Alamos National Laboratory

Many of the Laboratory's operations required hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials such as plutonium and uranium. Use of these materials resulted in the contamination of facilities, and in some cases, of the surrounding environment. A major source of environmental contamination was waste being discharged into the environment or buried in material disposal areas. In addition to hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials, the contaminants of concern include explosive residues, unexploded ordinance, and asbestos. Although it is no longer used, asbestos is generated as a waste during facility modification and decommissioning activities.  In support of the Laboratory's mission, the Environmental Management program is also investigating approximately 2,100 sites to determine if cleanup is needed. These sites range in size from less than 1 square meter to tens of hectares (a few square feet to tens of acres). Potential residual contamination may exist at these sites as the result of 50 years of Laboratory operation. Contaminants may include radionuclides, organic solvents, metals, and high explosives. Residual contamination may exist in more than 7 million cubic meters (9.1 million cubic yards) of environmental media, primarily soils and sediments.

Los Alamos firesite CONTAMINATED!!

EDITOR: Torch the local contamination that is affecting the base-bound Dr. Strangeloves and spread it around the world, you know...democratically?


Did our government KNOW there was going to be a disaster in the Los Alamos/White Mountain area last year? Last year on July 27, 1999 there was a fax sent to Hilly Rose of the Art Bell Show concerning an evacuation notice to residents of White Mountain. Evacuation could be on a twenty minute notice. more

5/12/00 5:50:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent this information has just been presented to us by our Pentagon contact. About 2 weeks ago a secret meeting was held between Lockheed Martian, Boeing, the Pentagon and the Air Force to name a few. The entire meeting was to discuss the building of new "underground and under ocean bases" that must be completed by 2004. My other sources say that the "powers that be" have "switched camps" and now are taking orders from anothe
r alien faction. More when it is available. Remain in your spiritual power center people no matter what the "media" says.

President Declares Disaster

Thursday, May 11, 2000 8:06 PM

It was just announced that Lawrence Livermore is tracking and calculating all possible travel patterns of the smoke plume from Los Alamos. Due to this, one can safely presume the cloud falls under their jurisdiction which means it is radioactive.

Historic atomic site destroyed

NEWSHAWK: Critical Nuke Facility Nearly Compromised/Radioactivity Increases Acknowledged

The lab's heavily armed security force was also forced to retreat Thursday when the fire raced toward the lab's main plutonium storage facility. Officials said they didn't fear a security breach since the compound was surrounded by flames and thus was inaccessible.

IU/ANMO, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

HELP!- Fires & Media Black Out in New Mexico

Well kids..were screwed here. We've been buried in smoke for a week and this is not just smoke.

Los Alamos National Labs did surface dumping of toxic waste for  50 years...the areas where the dumping happened have a bedrock layer 20 to 90 feet below the surface and it's no secret that the folage in this  area is hot as hell.

Overview of Material Disposal Areas (MDAs) At Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has disposed at least 17,500,000 ft3 of hazardous and radioactive wastes on-site at twenty-four different officially-designated material disposal areas (MDAs) since 1944