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The Orbit Sleuth

Hubble Captures Black Hole's Cosmic Searchlight

Searchlight, eh, in Galaxy M87? But what about the much reported XTE J1118+480 as seen in the Big Dipper by Los Alamos Wren and Remillard? Misdirection here? Is sideshow Captain Huff n' Puff Hubble tossing his trained seals an alternate fish?     Note


Date: 4/10/00 9:24:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time
One of the guys I work with just radioed me with what he heard on one of those "all news" radio stations. It was reported that scientists (astonomers maybe) have detected a beaconing signal coming out of the Big Dipper area. They have determined that this is not a typical signal which usually comes from quasars. The beaconing signal suddenly "turned itself on" and is "repeating a mathematical series of signals". Something to make you go hmmmmm.
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Date: 7/2/00 6:33:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Kent,

Sorry for the delay, I just returned to the lab location. I have no idea what is happening, however there has been almost continuous pulsing with a frequency of 2.5 to 2.8 hertz for the past several days. This has been detected and recorded not only at this site but also in Italy, and Australia. The time frame is the same in all cases. These pulses have been occurring every 15 minutes with a duration of 4.5 minutes. Whatever the cause, it is global. Charlie Plyler Elfrad Group

Here is a data file taken starting at 00:00:07 07/03 UTC for a duration of 3 1/2 hours. This clearly shows the pulses which are occurring every 15 minutes. The center frequency is 2.7 hertz.

Date: 7/3/00 7:54:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here is the sound file compiled from the data which I sent. I  compressed the entire sequence so that the ULF signals at 2.7 hertz can be heard audibly. The file is rather long, however nothing is added or missing, only converted to audio. Charlie Plyler

Date: 7/3/00 8:23:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Just captured this from screen on data collector. Something's going down. Further analysis shortly. Charlie

SLEUTHS: signal consists of pulse code modulation.Very complex. Decode anyone?


Square wave signal stopped at 16:43 UT. Faded out rather that stopping abruptly. A signal at 3.175 hertz was riding the carrier. That sure blows the Nyquist theory to pieces. Simply stated: Low frequency modulation has to have a high frequency carrier in order to carry intelligence. (This signal had a high freq riding on a low freq carrier) ummmmmmmmm .

Interesting.....Looking at earth data, something else unusual is coming in. Check the ecam. Looks like intense radiation of some sort. Whew......coming in hot!


Date: 7/3/00 11:27:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time

If the transmissions are coded and military as I expect they are, I would not  expect anybody to be able to break them. For one thing you need a lot of bits to attempt decryption by brute-force. The number of bits per second you can send on a 2.5 hz channel is fractional. Second, if military, they have the world's best cipher experts. They would be changing to a different predetermined encryption key at some set interval.

Here's my guess as to what these transmissions are:  US military to long-duration-underwater submarines. The transmissions would be new sets of detailed contingency plans.  There is nothing happening immediately, but something in the strategic/tactical situation has changed, requiring a new set of plans be put in place. When it's time to actually execute the plans, the instructions would be short and simple: "Plan A".

Where there's smoke there's fire. This is just smoke.  We should be looking for the fire. Worry-Wart

7/3/00 12:38:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The Elfrad screen shot looks like 6-step PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) rather than PCM. The 6-step technique is commonly used to generate a variable frequency simulated sine-wave. There appears to be more than one phase present.

If it is polyphase power transmission you'd except the frequency to remain fairly constant. If it is FSK, DTMF or some other modulation, you'd expect to see the frequency vary (unless it's in a test pattern). It'd be very helpful if a larger sample and more detail were available.

Date: 7/3/00 3:24:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Current receiving what sounds like a harmonic to Charlie's signal at 2.7 Mhz.

Location :Houston

Antenna is tuned long wire on east/west axis.

7/3/00 4:22:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Remember the power inverter thread needed to work the gear under GIZA? Like a shield system? Check these references:


Date: 7/5/00 12:17:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: cplyler@elfrad.com (Charlie)

Kent, We have been asked if the signals are still continuing. Yes, with a vengeance. The signal bursts are frequency sweeping from 2.2 hertz to 2.7 hertz. Am enclosing a graph showing a four hour duration  starting at 15:00 UT 07/05/00. The bursts inside the red pointers consist of a signal at 3.3 hertz. The bursts after this point are  slightly lower in frequency. Charlie Plyler, Elfrad Group