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Personal Contact Experiences

Turkish Alien Encounter

Source: The Scientific Research Project of Turkey UFO Reports
TUVPO / Turkey | Erol Erkmen - e-mail: andromeda@ultratv.net - Oct 19.01

S.K., a nursing mother aged 30 who lives in Amaysa, Turkey was breast-feeding her 5 months old baby on July 23 when she claims to have experienced a brief but traumatic alien encounter in her apartment.

According to a Project Pulsar report, issued today by TUVPOs Erol Erkmen, the incident apparently involved an extraterrestrial creature with huge 'jet black eyes' that slanted upwards in its oval-shaped, bald head.

At the time, this witness was alone in a room with her child on the top floor of a four-floored building. The evening was hot when the creature made its two-second appearance in front of a balcony door and curtains at around 23:30hrs.

Due to her panic and the very brief time-span involved, the woman could not recall any additional characteristics, other than to describe the creature as having a bonelike structure.

She quickly called her husband and related her experience but the couple decided against sharing the story with others so as to avoid any ridicule.

They reported to TUVPO that many people in the vicinity had witnessed a fireball-like UFO that same night which appeared again and again.



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