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The popularity of the Internet lends itself to provide a 24 hour seven day a week marketing opportunity. To further expand its potential to end the secrecy surrounding UFOs and related phenomenon, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) has created a very affordible advertising package.

CAUS is the only web-based organization dedicated to ending the secrecy surrounding this planet's ongoing contact with an "extraterrestrial" intelligence by means of the legal system. That evidence and information, along with the pending lawsuits can be found on the CAUS website.

UFOs and related phenomenon have been consistently cited as one of the three most popular subjects on the Internet. CAUS is consistently cited as having one of the three most popular organizations on this subject. The new CAUS website will become one of the most popular sites on the Internet. CAUS posts at least three new pages on its web site 5 days a week.

CAUS continually draws people to its website through Mr. Gersten's regular appearances on the third most popular radio talk show, Coast to Coast; the media attention from the CAUS lawsuits; the daily posting of new information; and "CAUS Highlights," the daily CAUS e-mail newsletter.

Rick Reed, webwizard, maintains both the CAUS and ParaNorml News Network (P3N) web sites. P3N can be found at

CAUS also distributes over 6,000 e-mails, "CAUS HIGHLIGHTs," each weekday. These e-mails inform CAUS members of the latest postings on the CAUS web site as well as other interesting information.

Our innovative advertising package now includes your banner or link on the CAUS website AND the P3N website AND a paragraph with your web site link in its 6000 Monday to Friday CAUS HIGHLIGHT e-mails

For more information and advertising rates, please e-mail:

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