UFOs Over Bolivia

Source: Filer's Files #13 -- 2001; March 27, 2001
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COCHABAMBA -- Gabriel Villarroe reports that for the last 70 minutes local
television has been taping and showing a UFO over the city on March 26, 2001.
 Beginning at 7:20 AM up to now the local TV's are taping a UFO with a saucer
shape.  The object is silver with a sphere and a disk.  It looks very much
like Saturn through a telescope, with the exception that it moves back and
forth in the sky and as crossed over 120 degrees in less than an hour. 
Thanks to Gabriel Villarroe 591-772-7000  Editor's Note: We are attempting to
obtain a copy of this tape.


LA PAZ - A number of hypotheses, which sought to explain the appearance of an
UFO, were systematically discarded by air traffic controllers in La Paz and
Cochabamba, as well as by commercial and military pilots. The first sighting
of the flying object took place near the city of Cochabamba over the Tunari
National Park around 7:30 AM.  Following a sequence of rapid movements
interrupted by minutes of static flight, the object reached La Paz over which
it remained until 8:25 AM.  Eyewitness accounts coincide on the description:
a spherical object with a metallic sheen, which could not be completely
identified due to its sporadic movement.  Alerted to the phenomenon, the
Bolivian Air Force (FAB) ordered the scramble of a T-33 jet, which
unsuccessfully tried to approach the object.  "It was a brilliant,
metallic-colored sphere, but we could not determine what type of object it
was," reported Major Luis Arzabe Torrico, the T-33's pilot, who explained
that although his military jet was able to reach an altitude of 42,500 feet,
the object maintained the same vertical distance in regard to the aircraft as
it did during the jet's takeoff.  Minutes after the FAB jet landed at the El
Alto Air Base, the object vanished.  Several commercial airliner pilots
plowing the Lima-La Paz and Cochabamba-La Paz route reported seeing a large
object (considerably larger than a passenger aircraft such as a Boeing 747)
to the El Alto tower.  The object was also picked up by the television
cameras of at least two local stations.  A technician told the FIDES News
Agency that "radars were unable to identify the type of vehicle crossing the
skies."  Several people tend toward identifying the object as a weather
balloon, but its speed and altitude do not lend credence to this hypothesis.
Thanks for translation (c) 2001. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology
and Gloria Coluchi.