by, Peter A. Gersten
November 4, 2001
CAUS v. DoD: Appeal and Latest FOIA Response

This Tuesday, November 6, 2001, the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco will accept the CAUS v. DoD appeal for review. Sometime thereafter (probably months later) the Appellate Court will either grant or deny the CAUS appeal. If it denies the appeal, there will be nothing further to do. The lawsuit would be finished. No appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is planned. If it grants the appeal, the case will be sent back to the U.S. District Court in Phoenix for further disclosures.

Last week I received from the Department of Defense, pursuant to a FOIA request for information about the Defense and Space Operations Division, a copy of pages 11-15 of Enclosure C of the "Director of Operations (J-3) Manual." The document is dated 15 September 1995 was classified "SECRET/NOFORN" until Enclosure D was removed for declassification.

Section I of Enclosure C was deleted. Section II states:

Defense and Space Operations Division Mission. The Chief, Defense and Space Operations Division (DSOD) is charged by the Director, J-3, with the responsibility for staff actions pertaining to all operational matters relating to the defense of the North American region and to forward deployed Americans and Allies against air and missile threats. Represents the CJCS and all ITWAA, space operations, satellite systems and space-related issues. Additionally, supports the warfighter by assessing the application of National, civil, and international space systems in support of tactical warfighter requirements.

The is no explanation of what is referred to as "the warfighter." Of further interest are the following excerpts:

A. Missile and Air Defense Branch: The functions of the Missile and Air Defense Branch (MAD) are to:

11. Accomplish primary J-3 cognizance for the Joint Staff on operational aspects pertaining to DoD and FAA wartime relationships, hijacking of commercial/military aircraft, and overflight of CONUS by aircraft of Communist countries. Coordinate with J-38 SOD with regard to plans and operations involving hijacking of commercial/military aircraft.

B. Space Branch. The functions of the Space Branch are to:

16. Serve as the primary Joint Staff POC for the Blue Space Order of Battle cognizant of the operational status of current DoD and national space systems and launch facilities.

There is no other reference to, or explanation of, the "Blue Space Order of Battle."

Peter A. Gersten
Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

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