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Strange UFO Dream
Source: Paul Green (

 My name is Paul Xavier Green. I am an abductee. I have had many experiences with beings from another reality, the most interesting being an alien abduction by "Glowing Blue Beings" back in February 1996 which confirmed to me beyond reasonable doubt that we are NOT alone. That abduction can be found in the CAUS PCE section, January 1999.
Some of my experiences include dreams of UFOs which months or years later actually turn up in reports around the world - often with pictures that are exactly what I saw in my dream.
Well last night, I had another such dream. I was looking at the evening sky, the Sun had just gone down, but the sky was still very light. I was transfixed by a narrow yet beam of light that was lancing down from very high in the sky. The stationary source was not immediately visible. However, this beam kept darting around. Sometimes stabbing at the ground, sometimes rising into the air. It was very spooky. It
also defied the laws of physics - theoretically, the beam should not have been that bright all the way to the ground. It was also very narrow, very focused.
Suddenly, the source of the brilliant beams suddenly came flying towards me, still at a considerable height. You got the impression it was at an altitude of at least 20 miles. I saw an elongated pencil like object that glowed with a sparkly incandescent pink (with fleckles of blue) colour. The bright beam of light was emanating from the nose of this fast flying glowing object. It's light was soundless, and it prescribed a shallow curved trajectory as it flew above me. It was probably several miles long, considering the altitude at which it was
flying. It is worth noting that only the forward 80% of the object was lit up. It was not the reflection of the Sun. It flashed past and flew away. It was gone in seconds.
Okay, this was a dream. Or a premonition as I often do have. Why am I sharing this? I am not sure, but I feel I have to. Someone somewhere may have had the same "dream", or may well actually see exactly what I have described - sometime in the future. This may be just part of a big puzzle that we are all trying to solve. I'm doing my bit (even if this sounds ridiculous) by mentioning what I am sure is a premonition of some sort.
In 1994, I dreamed of a huge round "Mothership" with multi-coloured lights underneath, which dropped out of the skies and hovered - it scared the living daylights out of me. I was stunned to discover years later that such a craft had been spotted and indeed photographed over Ecuador.

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