NOVEMBER 9, 2001

UFO Sighting Effects Witness

Source: Filers Files #4; October 31, 2001

STANTON -- Becky reports that on October 15, 2001, a lighted object appeared to be standing still in the northeastern sky as she drove on the country roads a mile out of town at 12:30 AM.  Becky noticed a few planes in the sky, but this was much larger and much lower than a star.  The light was not a brilliant light but it appeared to be bright, however, it had a misty haze to
it.  It just stood still; it did not blink like a plane.  It was about the size of a dime, or at least five times the size of either a plane or star.  When I had looked up again at the object all of the sudden flashes of what looked like red laser beam lines appeared.  Red laser beams did not shoot across the sky, but they were contained within an area surrounding this object.  The only way I can describe it is to say a circle within a circle.  The hazed light was the center of this circular area.  Several red laser lines - extended out away from this object in all directions and abruptly came to a halt. All the red lines halted, and gave the appearance of a jagged
circular pattern surrounding a white hazed object.  These red lines were all straight lines, some of which crossed over each other, creating some triangles within this area.   The size of this circular area in comparison to the object would be like putting a dime in the center of a silver dollar.  I was frightened and turned around and immediately headed back to town.  Once
in town I gathered my senses.  I stopped and watched this object for at least another five minutes before I went home.  The object slowly ascended vertically and the light became less hazy and clearer.  I watched the object for a while, because if any more red lines were to appear I was definitely not going to go any further.  Once home I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had a red circular patch on my throat.   Thanks to Becky and Jim

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