NOVEMBER 9, 2001

Flying Triangles/Orbs Seen in Illinois, Missouri & New Jersey

Source: Filers Files #43; October 25, 2001


PARK FOREST -- On October 6, 2001, the witness reports seeing a Flying
Triangle with circle lights in each corner.  There was a light in the middle
that was reddish orange blinking and going in slow motion at 10;00 PM,

MT. VERNON -- We had pulled into the driveway of the house October 8,
2001, and decided to sit out in the car and talk for a bit.  While sitting
there talking I had noticed 3 very bright lights, shaped as a triangle,
hovering over the neighbor's house.  The lights were entirely too bright and
close to be stars.  I immediately asked my friends what it was.  We knew
that the lights were too low to be any airplane.  As we watched the lights,
they began to slowly fade away leaving no trace of existence.  We had
decided to call my two friends Mom and she told us to come over there.  From
the stories we heard tonight, this isn't the first sighting that people have
seen around this area.

PITTSBURG -- The witness reports, "It was there then it was gone like a
bolt of lightning on October 8, 2001.  There were three bright lights in the
shape of a Flying Triangle.  In the middle of the lights there was a really
dark gray area.  It hovered there for a minute and vanished without making
any movements, like it had just gone blank.  Thanks to Peter Davenport


COLUMBIA -- On October 10, 2001, I was driving in my car way out in the
country when I saw to my right, three white lights formed in a triangle
shape.  At first I thought it was just an airplane.  The "craft" was moving
south very slowly, so slow that I had to stop the car to see if it was
moving at all, which it was.  I stopped the car at 11:32 PM, and noticed
that it was getting close and still wasn't making any noise of any kind.  I
got back in the car and started the engine.  There were some trees in the
way so I couldn't see the "craft" now, so I turned around and headed east.
I looked to my right and the triangle had changed direction almost like it
knew I was trying to follow.  Now it headed east as well, and as it started
to really pick up some speed I now could no longer follow.  The white lights
started to turn red and blue; they didn't change like a light going on, more
like a transition.  The case is under investigation by the Missouri
Investigator Group


LITTLE EGG HARBOR -- Arlene Griffith writes that on October 7, 2001,
Sunday morning, at one AM, I was driving home from Sue's who lives right
down the street, when I noticed something odd in the night sky.  I looked
up, marveling at the crisp autumn night sky and noticed three stars close
together.  My first thought was; "Gee, I've never seen that constellation
before."  The three stars formed a triangle in the sky.  That's when I also
noticed that it was too small to actually be a constellation, but too big to
be an airplane.  There were no blinking lights of any color that
differentiates a plane or helicopter from the stars in the sky.  I stopped
in my driveway.  It was hovering (from my viewpoint) at the end of my
street, just over the treeline.  We live in the woods (the Pine Barrens),
three hundred feet from the road.  I paused, then drove the rest of the way
down the driveway, and ran into the house to get my brother.  A minute
later, he joined me out by the street.  There was no sign of the three
"stars" that formed neither a triangle nor anything else.  Given recent
events, air traffic activity in Southern New Jersey has been slow to return,
so there were not any signs of any other aircraft.  We live half an hour from
the Atlantic City Airport, the FAA Tech
Center, and McGuire Air Force Base.  So we are well acquainted with the signs
of aircraft.  The first thing my brother asked me was if I could have
mistaken it, maybe it was an airplane.  No way.  These were three steady
lights, bright enough to be mistaken for stars and close enough together and\
arranged in such a distinct pattern to be shortly mistaken for a
constellation.  It was big, bigger than any airplane I had ever seen.
Considering the events of September 11th, I wouldn't be surprised if some
aliens dropped by to see how things were going down here.  Thanks to L.
Arlene Griffith,, and Lida Griffith/Lenox

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