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Strange Lights in North Dakota & Oklahoma

Source: Filer's Files #45; November 7, 2001

1) North Dakota

 Brian Vike reports that on October 31, 2001, he received a report from a witness who was out for a midnight drive with friends. Off to the east was the weirdest light at 12:02 AM. We all saw it at one time, like it just appeared at once, and that was why we noticed it together! It was going very slowly, almost hovering at times. It had three colors of lights on it, in a strange formation, not like regular airplane lights. It was so mesmerizing, so we stopped the vehicle and got out to stare at it. It kind of gave us the chills, but we couldn't take our eyes off it. It hovered for a while, and moved again slowly, up and down, then moved forward again. The lights seemed to brighten up. It wasn't like any planes that I have ever seen before. The sky was clear and we saw the full moon on the other side of the sky. It was a beautiful night, and freaky standing there watching this light formation with the Northern Lights dancing behind it. We kept asking each other.  "What is it?" Thanks to Brian Vike UFO Field Investigator HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, B.C.

2) Oklahoma

LAWTON -- Kari a 24 year old reports this past June, she would sit outside her friend's house, because I love to look at the stars. Around 10:00 PM, and I noticed to my left a bright glowing ball of light, thinking it might be a flare from the army base I really did not become startled at first, but then I realized that the army base was to my right and no where near the ball of light. Then the ball of light started to move, but not falling down like a flare would but across the sky very slowly. Then it just disappeared into thin air. I ran inside, told my friend about it, and ran back outside. Fifteen minutes later, it looked as if one of the stars were moving in the sky, but it was not moving about like a satellite, but more random like, kind of darting about the sky. I know I saw something. Later my friend Moniqua, whose house I was staying at, said that she was not surprised because she and her husband had a weird experience. They were leaving late one night around 10:00 PM, when they walked out the front door a flash of light covered them, like it scanned right over them and then disappeared. They said they walked back into the house and just sat there for ten minutes before talking to one another. They just did not know what to think. Thanks to Kari

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