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Flying Triangles Over U.S. & England

Source: Filer's Files #46; November 14, 2001


OZAUKEE --Grafton County:  Mark J. was taking out the garbage on October 31,
2001, when he saw a huge giant white light above him at 8:30 PM.  Mark says,
"I saw a flying dark triangular shape with a giant white light in the middle
of the UFO traveling pretty fast."  In addition, on the bottom left corner
there were two smaller lights.  Mark says, "It was raining and when I stared
at it, I could see the rain coming off the back end of it."  I have never
seen anything like it.  I called my friend and he told me to go to the UFO
Wisconsin web site.  After that call I went outside to see more but it was
completely gone.  Thanks to Jenny Hoppe


PHOENIX -- I was sitting out side of the shop I work at on October 19, 2001,
and was having a smoke about 8:45 PM, watching the sky, which was hazy but
clear enough to see stars.  There was a light layer of clouds coming from the
west out of California.  I suddenly caught a glimpse of something flying over
my head.  I looked up to see a group of three reddish/orange, somewhat bright
yet fuzzy looking lights flying at what seemed to be couple of hundred feet
above my head but completely silent.  It traveled at a very fast speed from
east to west across the sky towards Luke Air Force Base.  This took a total
of about 6 to 8 seconds.  Just as it was passing over the top of the roof of
the house, my receptionist looked out the door and said, "What's that?"  Then
another person I work with ran out the back door and was asking what I saw. 
I was describing it to her and all of a sudden a boomerang shaped cloud
traveling the same direction was moving across the sky at an extremely fast
speed too.  The other clouds that were in the sky never changed, they were in
the same place as they were when the event started.  Thanks to Peter


BUCKLEY -- Two slow-moving flying triangle shaped objects with blue, white,
and red lights, with very bright strobes in unison, along with bigger white
lights at 3 points were spotted on October 24, 2001.  The two craft were
headed south, slightly above a low broken cloud cover at 8:05 PM.  The craft
were about one mile apart, with one trailing back about 60 degrees east of
the other.  As their strobes flashed, a faint outline appeared to reveal a
solid triangle, rather than a conventional wing.  Their altitude was about
1500 feet.  There were distinct bright red, blue, and white lights in line on
the trailing edge of both craft.  There were no red or green strobes in
conventional positions on the craft and no landing lights or a similar
typical arrangement apparent.  The witness states, "This was not at all the
typical type of light arrangement, as I'm accustomed to light airplane
traffic, commercial traffic to and from SeaTac, and military traffic to
McCord Air Force Base.  I'm not familiar with this light arrangement and
there was no engine noise.  Commercial flight from SeaTac at 2020 hours with
takeoff lights and conventional configuration of lights flew over just west
of my house, well above the other objects' with engine noise very clear. 
Thanks to Peter Davenport


NORWICH -- On November 7, 2001, a single fighter aircraft that sounded like a
NATO F-15 Eagle was escorting a triangular shaped craft over Norwich at 6:15
PM.  The fighter was about six aircraft lengths behind and four widths to the
left hand side of the Flying Triangle.  The fighter could clearly be heard
but there was no noise from the other craft.  The fighter was displaying full
navigation lights, while the only illumination from the triangular craft was
three small green lights one at each point of the triangle.  The shape of the
Flying Triangle craft was clearly visible against the stars as it passed
between them and the witness.  A close friend also saw the two craft for ten
seconds as they headed east and disappeared.  The black triangle had three
sides of equal length.  They were flying at an estimated speed of 250 to 400
knots at an altitude of 1500 feet.  Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and Mr.
Davis (

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