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Texas Sightings Continue

Source: Filer's Files #46; November 14, 2001

HOUSTON -- Beau Spikes writes, I would like to be contacted by MUFON.  In
addition, I have entered a report as you requested at the MUFON.  We have
seen these objects every night since November 2, 2001.  We are trying to get
closer and take photos with ASA 400 film as you suggested.  The only camera I
have is a regular 35 mm cannon.  As far as detail, the lights appear every
night in a different location.  There is at least one, and as many as five
per night, all appearing at same time.  What I see is a spec of light that
changes colors and shapes.  Sometimes it is a dot, sometimes a vertical bar,
sometimes, and a horizontal bar.  Sometimes it is a vertical bar with a
horizontally sweeping white dot in the middle that is very distinctive. 
Sometimes it has an umbrella shaped top with colored appendages underneath. 
The appendages rapidly change shape and colors.  The lighted objects often
move in an unpredictable manner.  Usually they sit still, but sometimes they
shift every few seconds, side to side and up and down.  In addition, I know I
saw a "string" coming from these things.  I wondered if the recent mass
coronal ejection's might be part of this sight?  However, I saw the lights
before and after the solar flares, (with no difference), so I completely
disregard them as a part of my sightings.  Thanks to beau spikes

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