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Two More Aerial Objects the Dod Doesn't Know About

Source: FILER'S FILES #47; November 21, 2001


SHILOH -- On November 11, 2001 at 6:20 PM a large triangular shaped object with large blue lights suddenly made a quick u-turn and hovered a mile away.  The witness reports, "My husband and I were driving and as we approached an intersection near a small airport.  There was a large triangular-shaped object very close to the ground slowly moving over the intersection.  We drove toward the object and as we got closer to about 30 feet away, we could see three large blue lights (one in each corner).  It suddenly rose up and made a fast u-turn.  In less than five seconds it was gone, quickly heading the other way.  About three miles from the intersection, my husband and I looked back and it seemed to be a hovering bright light at or near the airport.  The strangest thing about the whole ordeal was there was no sound at all.  There was a car about two car-lengths in front of us who I am sure saw it too.  Believe me, you couldn't miss it.


NAMPA -- D. Kennedy reports a flying wing entered our line of site as we were watching the Leonid meteor shower on November 18, 2001.  It flew directly over us then off to the south at 2:45 AM.  It made "NO" noise, and had "No" lights.  There was a faint temperature glow on the leading edge of the wing, tip to tip.  Altitude was impossible to tell.  If it were higher than 5,000 feet the craft would have been extremely large.  It did resemble a B-2 Stealth bomber, but without the sharp angles.  All the edges were rounded, more like a boomerang.  My wife observed it as well.  The color was dark, possibly black with a rounded boomerang shaped flying wing with temperature glow on leading edge of wing.  The height and speed are unknown.  The higher it was?  The larger and faster it would have been.  Joe Trainor writes, "Here's a sighting from Idaho.  However, it sounds less like a UFO than some sort of flight test of a prototype "flying wing" aircraft of our U.S. Air Force. 

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