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Unusual Blinking Lights Seen in Michigan

Source: Heather Powers (

This is the second sighting of this kind.  My daughter and I saw something similar about a month ago, so we decided to kinda keep being aware, hoping to see it again. Our house is on a bare hill on 4 acres, with a large bay window facing south in Otter Lake, Michigan.  There is open field around our house, and few trees, it is ideal to view the night sky.  Anyhow, I was in
my living room when my daughter ran out of her room and said "mom it is back."  I went to the bay window and I spotted it almost immediately.  It was a bright light hovering high in the sky, but different from a star.  I grabbed my binoc's and viewed it through them.  I was astounded, but since there were lights and reflections off the glass (tv etc) I decided to go in my son's room, (also with large window facing south), with all the lights off in his room, I viewed this object just hovering for about 3 minutes. 

It appeared to be cross-shaped, with the center being the brightest, but it was too far away to really see it in detail.  As I was watching it taking mental notes, all of a sudden IT disappeared, and at that instant, other duller (not as bright) objects began to appear and disappear all around the area the first one had been.  It was obvious to me, these were in no way attached to the original object, or to each other.  It was just amazing.  I watched it for a few more minutes and then I had things to do.  I was angry I did not have a telescope to get a better view.

My daughter is 13 years old, and she is somewhat afraid when we see these, but she did tell me she was at her desk in her room painting her nails when "something told her to look out the window" and when she did it blinked at her.  She ran out to tell me.  Also the last time we saw the things, she said the big one blinked at her only when I was not with her. (If I walked away it would blink, if I came back it would stop).  I myself did not see the one last night blink. (the little ones always appear to blink, but I have never seen the big one blink.)  I know this is weird, but I just wonder what in the world it is!!!!

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