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UFO Sighting Produces Nightmares and Physical Effects

Source: Filer's Files #50

December 12, 2001, Majorstar@AOL.COM

Charlene sent this e-mail, "I write you hesitantly and grudgingly, not wanting to have talked about this outside my marriage, but my husband has badgered me to report the event. I will therefore explain the incident on condition of 100% complete anonymity. I am a 30-year-old professional female, I'm not particularly interested in science, science fiction, nor have
I seriously entertained the idea of UFO's previously.

On November 7, 2001, at approximately 1:00 AM, I had just finished a lovely dinner while visiting with my parents in a rural area. On my way home I was
driving along a dirt road, which cuts through farmland until it accesses the main road. I was about half way along the access road when I noticed in front of my car an area that could best be described as distorted, like heat waves coming off a hot asphalt road in the middle of summer. (We live by the way in the Northeast, so it was certainly less than warm in mid November.) The headlights of the car began to flicker the radio, which I was listening to keep me alert for the ride home crackled then died. The engine stopped and I can only describe what happened next as a red glowing almost
translucent, like a red glowing stove element, somewhat irregular shaped object appeared about 20 feet in front of my car, slightly to the left and hovered about 10 feet off the ground. The object sort of just appeared like it burst onto the scene from nowhere.

I certainly did not notice anything peculiar previously to the object appearing. The object was irregular in
shape, roundish but the edges were not well-defined and seemed to wobble or change almost like a cartoon animation. The object also seemed to be giving
off sparks or something. The object maintained the same position for five minutes, best described as, morphed, or changed its shape into a pillar like
shape, and its color went from translucent red to platinum silver and shot straight up into the sky at incredible speed.

The car began functioning again, the radio came back on, and I continued home convincing myself I had imagined the whole thing, that I was still sleepy.
When I got home I explained the whole thing to my husband. My husband went out to check the car and noticed spots on the hood of the car where the paint
had bubbled as if burned. The radio functioned but the CD player and digital clock no longer work. This was an odd experience to say the least and have talked to no one about it but my husband. We don't know what to make of this experience except that we are in agreement not to talk of this to anyone for fear of ridicule or worse. I have been having nightmares ever since and hope that perhaps by relating my experience can somehow alleviate some of the stress this episode has caused. Since this episode I cannot drive alone at night and even during the day prefer to be accompanied. The stress is beginning to take a toll, a patch of hair on my head has fallen out, and I suffer from headaches and sporadic shooting pains up my spine. I have sought
medical attention for the physical symptoms and they can find nothing wrong.

If the psychological symptoms don't subside I may seek professional help for them as well although I do not want to have to relate this experience to anyone.

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