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UFO Leaves Physical Traces on Australian's Car

Source: Filer's Files #50; December 12, 2001; Majorstar@AOL.COM;
BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND -- A report has just come into MUFON from a man returning home from work in the suburb of Fernvale.  On arriving just out of Ipswich his wife contacted him by mobile phone to pick up some milk on his way home.  He stopped at a small shop at 7.35 PM, just this side of Brassall fifteen minutes drive from his home in Fernvale.  As he drove along he became
aware of a bright light on the horizon.  He said that usually he drives at around 100 kilometers per hour (60 mph) on this stretch of road, but found himself doing 135 kilometers (80 mph).  As he drove on, the light became bigger as he got closer, it seemed to be stationery then as he got a little closer his immediate thought was, that it was someone on a motor bike.  As he
got closer still the color seemed to change from the color of a halogen light to the reddish/orange.  This light went over his car and was about 45 degrees
above the trees on the passenger side of the car, it seemed to keep abreast with him, so he sped up.  It kept just ahead of his car.  When I asked him how big this light was? He said, 'if you stretched out your arm it would be about 8 inches in diameter,' he would gauge the height it traveled was about 20 feet above the trees. 

He contacted his wife by mobile phone and asked her to go outside and look in his direction at this object in the sky.  She said that she watched it for about five minutes before it flew in a south west direction.  Malcolm claims that he watched it for a good fifteen minutes.  Malcolm had phoned me around 9:15 PM to report the incident.  I asked him was anything different regarding his car or clothes, skin etc.  He asked me to wait while he checked out his
car.  Malcolm came back to the phone rather puzzled, he found a type of dust imbedded in his car on the passenger's side, roof and the front of the bonnet
(hood) also around the trim on the doors-when he shined a large spotlight on the paint work he found that the colors were imbedded into paint work of the car -- like a brown, creamy color and other colors seemed to glitter.  When he ran his hand over the paint work he found that the dust particles felt like find sand paper.  I asked him to scrape off some of the residue so that we can have it examined.  On questioning Malcolm - it would appear a time distortion (lapse) had taken place.  Usually it only takes him about 15
minutes to reach home from Brassall, the time he arrived home at 8:50 PM.  It would appear that he had an hour of lost time.  Malcolm has been a truck
driver for many years.  Up until now has never had any interest in or taken notice of UFO's.  A pretty down to earth chap.  I will interview him tomorrow.  Thanks to Rev. Glennys Mackay, J.P. Continental Director MUFON

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