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UFOs Over Great Britain: Now & Then

Source: Filer's Files #51; December 19, 2001;


Carlisle: On December 12, 2001, the witness a former military pilot reports, "I was watching the night sky in Northern Britain. My attention was drawn to a large, bright object in the western sky at 6:07 PM, much brighter than Jupiter or Mars appeared. It was moving quickly east. I had a pair of binoculars with me, and I focused on the object. It resolved into a bright
disc, with a large teardrop shaped aura around it. I would estimate it's altitude to be 20.000 feet, and speed to be about Mach 3 (relative to an object traveling at that altitude). I observed it for about 30 seconds before it abruptly disappeared. I could see no reason for its disappearance. The ground temperature was -2c, and the sky was clear and bright with no
clouds. I have observed an unusually large number of meteorites over the last 30 hours. I'm a recently retired police officer and have never sighted anything like this before. Thanks to NUFORC.


Rod reports, I recently received a letter from my father a former Royal Air Force squadron leader in World War II, who piloted planes across the channel to drop resistance fighters into France. He had two UFO sightings. My father wrote: the first sighting was in 1941, while I was on a bomber course. Going home late at night on my own down an empty lane on a
black night, the only sight and sound coming from aircraft taking off ahead on night-flying exercises. I suddenly saw a light coming towards me at about
200 feet. It looked like the nose light of a plane -- but no navigation lights showed. Nor was there any sound. It passed silently over my head, and as it went on the light vanished. Nobody else was near to witness it, so I didn't tell anyone.

The second was outside Brighton Station waiting in the bus queue in the late 1960s, one evening as it was getting dusk and street lights were coming on.
Suddenly, over the station roof two headlights were switched on. They looked like Fred McMurray's flying Ford fuelled on "Flubber" -- but the body of the
car was invisible. The man next to me saw it too, but we just looked at one another and said nothing. The lights only flicked on and off." Thanks to Rod

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