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Local UFO Network Administration- LUNA 

(Please see Scott's comments and kindly participate in a reader poll regarding this website, below)

"General Information: 

LUNA is a network of 25 UFO sighting databases covering 50 U.S. states. It's a newly founded project and so we'd be very grateful if you could add your UFO experience to one of our regional databases. The sighting reports are being created in real time and can be viewed by everyone immediately after you press the submit button. They're further being used for several research purposes (UFO Maps, etc.). LUNA is based in Tucson, Arizona."

"Why LUNA is as important: 

The same UFO is often sighted by several independent people from different locations. Some may have seen it from the city, others from inside a forest or from a road when they stopped their cars. It's always very important to find other people who witnessed the same thing in order to improve the witness report reliability."

"If everyone would add their report to the regional LUNA databases, we will have a variety of different sighting reports on the same object within hours or even minutes. We could compare them in order to find out what really happened. 8 or 12 eyes can see more than 2."

"Thank you very much for supporting this interesting research project. 

Steve Marzi, LUNA United States"


Scott's comments: 

Do we really need another UFO sighting database? I think there are too many websites asking for sighting reports. This tends to dilute everyone's efforts because they're all competing for the same data. Most of these websites are independent from any reputable organization which has developed standards for gathering data over many years, such as MUFON, NUFORC or NIDS. I think if LUNA could offer their services to such an organization, everyone's efforts would be better served. 


They say "we're not like the others" but LUNA lacks something very important - the ability to take sighting reports by phone. Phone access is available to everyone, internet access is not. I feel that makes the LUNA service a bit crippled. Most witnesses will call the local police or local airport when they see something strange in the sky. These authorities will pass on the phone number of MUFON, NUFORC or NIDS only because the authorities know that the witness will then have their need to tell someone who will listen, satisfied... and the authorities won't be bothered anymore. Most people won't normally go on the internet to fill out another sighting report. I feel most witnesses won't care about powerful databases or real-time updating, because it is technically beyond them. They just want to tell their story on the phone to someone who will believe them.

What do you think?

Will LUNA be an effective tool in solving the UFO conundrum, or are they just mudding the waters?


Please send your comments to: and


I'll make the poll results available in a week or so.



Startling New Leir Implant Removal


Dr. Roger Leir has managed the removal of another unknown object from a close encounter witness, the tenth such surgery he has performed or observed. There's also a  video of the implant removal. Warning: This video contains extremely graphic material that may be disturbing to some people

Alien Descriptions

Featuring an Alien Types List, containing the following: Zeta Reticuli Greys, Bellatrax Greys, Orion Greys, Pleiadeans, Draco, Mothmen, Deros and Teros.

The Presidents UFO Web Site

"In the pages of this Web site you will hopefully be led on a journey that will show you the entire known history of how the most powerful man in the world has dealt with the most highly classified secret of the last century. In short, this is the story of how the President and the White House have dealt with the mystery of UFOs." 

The Bible-UFO Connection

The Bible UFO Connection is the result of research undertaken to find links in three, seemingly unconnected fields, theology, archeology, and ufology.  In general terms, flying gods, ancient advanced technology, and the unexplained objects flying in our skies.  It is the intent of this site to present truth that is hidden from the public either by ignorance or intention.  It is up to the reader to judge if these long hidden connections and truths are random deletions or whether they may indeed be the key to the world's greatest deception.

The Problem with "Disclosure"

"For all his posturing about the importance of revealing the truth and disclosing withheld information, Greer’s disclosure effort is troublingly silent on one very important issue: the identity, nature, motivations, and intentions of the extraterrestrials themselves."  From an essay entitled "Awakenings... An Exploration Of The Intersection Between Human And Extraterrestrial/Multidimensional Consciousness."

The Australian UFO Research Network

AUFORN does what every other large UFO related research organization would do, and all very well. Spend some time at this interesting  down-under website, mate.

Twilight Worlds

The Twilight Worlds Paranormal Research Society is the leading organization in the North East of England specifically dedicated to the investigation of the unknown. They investigate, among other things, reports of UFO sightings, haunting, poltergeist activity, psychic phenomena, temporal distortion (time slips), cryptozoological animals (such as 'El Chupacabra', the Loch Ness monster or the Durham Puma) and a host of other Fortean or strange phenomena.

The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)


An international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers who are dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Their purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon.


UFOs Behind the Great Wall

Ufology, formerly a forbidden subject in this country of more than one billion people, has only recently emerged from Chairman Mao's shadow. Modern research shows, however, that UFOs are not a new phenomenon in China.

The "Nightline" UFO Video

Photo analysis expert Bruce Maccabee shares his detailed notes on a UFO video analysis he performed for Nightline.

Abduction Information Center

This website was created in order to provide the public with an archive of the latest news, research and articles relating to the ET/UFO abduction phenomenon.

Status Of UFOlogy

This page on the website New Earth News, has a special report, presented by Internationally acclaimed UFO researcher Michael Lindemann, which is a balanced look at a very complex issue.  

Brain UFO Central

Although the focus of this web site is the human brain, this UFO page is presented in the hopes of causing your brain to begin to explore things you may or may have not thought possible. Evidence, presentation, and the how-to of greatly increasing creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and access to paranormal abilities are shown to you at this Internet address- Things "conventional thinkers" will tell you do not, and cannot exist.

Brown Mountain Lights


Brown Mountain is a long, low-lying ridge in Western North Carolina. For 800 years or more, ghostly lights have been seen flaring and creeping along, and below, the ridge at night. The earliest reports came from Indians, settlers, and Civil War soldiers. Thousands have witnessed the spectacle, which is ongoing to this day. The lights have been investigated three times by the United States government, and countless times by private groups. However, a provable explanation for the spectacular phenomenon has never been found. The eerie lights capture the imagination of those who see them, and were even featured in a 1999 episode of The X-Files.

The Howden Moor Incident 

An unidentified flying object was seen hovering in the clear night sky; callers were jamming police switchboards to report a light aircraft skimming rooftops on a collision course with the hills west of Sheffield; RAF jets then went screaming through the sky as if in pursuit of something... And finally, a deafening explosion which sent gamekeepers rushing from their isolated cottage on a Yorkshire moor.

Filer's Files Archives


Three and a half years of some of the most comprehensive and factual UFO reports that can be found are archived at the following web sites: From 1999 to mid-2001 and, From Jan. 2001 to the most current report.


AOP Activity within Orange County, New York


This web site has a report, which was a special presentation on Dr. Bruce Cornet's photographic evidence of AOP activity within Orange County, New York. Dr. Cornet was the Special Speaker at the Tampa, Florida AOP Metaphysical Convention held May 19th - 21, 1995.

“With regard to the issue of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, it is my professional and academic judgment that there are ample physical, geophysical, and photographic data collected by me during my two and a half years of research into the UFO phenomenon to support the hypothesis that this planet is currently inhabited by more than one sentient intelligent humanoid species, and that this non-human species has in its possession technologies thousands of years beyond our own.”


Sacred Encounters

A web site by Janet Colli, Ph.D. and Thomas Beck, Ph.D., is about transpersonal psychotherapy and features a summary report of Dr. Colli's ongoing research project, "Angels & Aliens: Encounters with Both Near-Death and UFOs." The project's objectives and request for research subjects is included on the "Research" page.  This website also features pages on close encounters, crop circles, interspecies communication with dolphins & whales, and the book "Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters."

The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers

         The amazing story about the birth of a magazine called Amazing Stories and the birth of Ufology, by author John A. Keel.